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North Star Reserves

Your reserve analysis or reserve study will outline your capital expenses to ensure you have the funds to maintain, repair and replace all assets for which your association or business is responsible. Moreover, We will not only guide you through the process and the study itself, we will help you implement and follow the financial road map for All 30 YEARS! It’s one thing to have a solid financial plan, it’s another thing entirely to have an expert walk you, your association and future boards through the litany of life’s changes that are sure to come.

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We give the Prior Proper Plan to all Types of Properties & businesses!

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4/10 Guarantee

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A Complex Report Made Simple with 3 Easy Steps

Physical Inspection

Contract and complete a physical site inspection (SI) with our qualified site inspector. We will meet you onsite for a pre-SI walk-through and discussion. You simply share what you know and then “let us go!” We gather, document, photograph, measure and count EACH asset (“component”). Where questions remain, our follow up is swift and direct. In some cases, we even call local vendors to support or contest our findings.

Reserve Funding & Report

Empower the math. We convert all objective and subjective information into usable data so that the math can do the talking. Decades of industry knowledge poured into weeks of data compilation and vetting, using the most robust and tested software in the industry. More than just a list of assets and replacement costs; each component is pawed over, reviewed and considered by multiple NSR staff members.

Consult & Deliver

The fun begins here. With solid math and true consultants to navigate you through a 30 year plan, we will work with you to tailor the study further if necessary, and when completed, prepare you to present and/or support each fine point. No more guessing. No more assuming. You are making a significant impact in your role. We intend for others to recognize this through the reserve plan and execution thereof.

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

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