HOA & Condominium Studies

Every homeowners association is different. Different sets of assets, different financials and different historical backgrounds that have brought you to the present.  Each of these is taken into consideration to customize your 30 year budget and build the most accurate, most precise long-term savings ("reserve") report you can buy.

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Much like HOA's and condominiums, you have finite funds that originate from a constituent base of tax payers.  Planning the use of these funds and repairs and/or maintenance of public assets is essential to transparency and candid communication with your constituents.  Being in control of the future starts with a financial plan.

Parks & Public Lands

Your property represents a significant capital investment.  In many cases, your business is dependent on the livelihood and functionality of the edifice in which it resides.  We believe a fiscally sound plan and budget of capital expenses is as essential as the building itself. We are comprehensive, thorough and intense about our calculations.

Commercial, Vacation & Time Share

Your financial road map for the next 30 years!