​The North Star is a constant in the night sky that seagoers have relied on for centuries.  Navigating these stars is simply knowing the right points of origin and following the map that the heavens have laid before us.

​We love the night sky!  Amidst so much darkness and a seemingly chaotic expanse of billions of stars, there is great order.  Of all the constellations and distractions of the beautiful sky, the North Star remains ever true, ever vigilant and ever rooted.  A financial plan should be equally so!

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It's not just a catchy phrase, it's our motto!

The great strategist and creative thinker, Benjamin Franklin, said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Life delivers enough failures and shortfalls!  Don't let your budget, your buildings or your financials, fall short of expectations.  We will help you plan, strategize and prepare your property for the next 30 years.  It's not quite a crystal ball but it is the North Star!

Finances & Balances

At the core, this is math.  And as a science, strong conclusions founded in solid data yield a powerful planning tool.  Not only math, however, as economic inputs have sway on the outcome of our projections.  Moreover, construction and tradesman are key to the ongoing costs and replacement values.  We reach deep into your local market to ensure these variables are both accounted for and given their proper weight.

The Finest Software

Our software is the only system that has been independently audited by a Certified Public Accounting firm.  The results of the Quality Assurance Evaluation were that our system’s functionality, concept and logic, data input and output are operating in the manner intended and that no exceptions were found as a result of the attestation procedures.  When it comes to a 30-year projection of income and expenses, we do not cut corners or hope for the best.  We insist on being the best!

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What We Offer

HOA & State Expertise

In short, we read more than anyone we know.  We read and keep tabs on the state statues that affect the HOA's, condominiums and commercial properties we serve.  We know governing documents as they pertain to homeowners associations.  Why?  Because we read.  We navigate these often confusing documents by diving in.  Again and again.  We often seek input and advice from other experts to ensure our sails are set to True North.  Our relationships with attorneys, property managers, legislatures and tradesman are immensely important.  Our reputation and yours count on it.

Decades in Building

As a team, we have decades of experience in building and construction, estimating and financing reserves.  Individually, our Reserve Analysts EACH have more than decade of experience with budgeting replacement costs and materials for reserve analytics.

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Our Background & Expertise