What you should expect from your study professional:

  • He or she should spend the time with you to lead, guide and ultimately hand the study and its operating to you. This is best done with a degree of consulting and “hand holding” where necessary.  It is not just a list of replacement costs, it is a powerful tool that, if used properly, can guide the community to financial security for decades.​
  • North Star errors on the side of "too much", and not simply the minimal or "what is required".  We ensure all components are included which sometimes forces conversation about components that may need to be excluded or left entirely to the operating budget.  We have found that by doing so, each component is considered and the study is tailored to the needs of the governing body.
  • Be available and accessible to discuss the reserve study with transition future board members.  This cohesiveness in the transfer of HOA board members and their individual agendas is essential to the good use of a reserve study.

Condominiums, apartment complexes and high rise buildings often operate differently, though the governing body and organization may be similar to that of any other HOA.  The typical high rise or multi-story condominium, however, carries a far different set of maintenance and replacement items ("component list").  For this, experience in commercial building construction and "shared wall" practices is essential.

North Star Reserves knows your needs and the constuction practices that went into your building.  We don't pretend to know everything, but we DO know tradesman and professionals in every area of expertise to ensure every component is vetted and understood; from its operating to its Useful Life.  We do something we have yet to see our competitors do, we contact local tradesman in your area to discuss the components in question.  And if you request it, we'll contact the vendors and tradesman that service your particular community.  ​We don't charge you for this; we feel it our duty to provide the highest level of service and the most customized reserve study on the market.

Reserves for Condominiums & Apartment Complexes.

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